Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick Vid of the Moment: Hot Cat Lady

Ever seen a cat lady? She's that type of lady that's a little cooky. Oh who am I kidding, she's cooky and she's one ball of crazy. Therefore, she entertains herself with cats because no one else wants to be in her circle of non-feline friends. You'd think crazy ole cat lady would be the most hideous thing, right?

You'd think crazy cat lady would be hideous?

Well, Preview magazine presents their version of cat lady and she is one hot, luxurious, catwalking mama! Watch her saunter and recline in some of the most cat-tastic fashion from Fall 2010 (hello, Louis Vuitton-inspired demure dresses!). Watch her here!

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Tessies Hearts said...

Oooh yes, making The Cat Lady sexy, I like it! I am very possibly on my way to becoming the dog equivalent :-/

Nico said...

oh nicola, you're too much. glad to see u in the blogosphere again!