Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art of the Moment: Birds of a Feather

Winter is creeping up in the Northern Hemisphere which means heavy coats and scarves for everyone. But for tropical dwellers around the equator, now is the time to snag this feathered vest by Bea Valdes. Not only will it look fetching in the glimmering twelve hour sunny days, but it'll also be airy and light enough to keep sweating at bay.

There's no need for jewelry when worn; simply pair it with a simple black tee and skinny jeans for that perfect on-the-go outfit. Embellished with beads, crystals and sequins, this piece is art by itself.

Vest by Bea Valdes, approximately $2940 at


Jessica said...

That vest looks cool! But I'm not really a big fan of feathers. Except when they're headpieces. I just adore them, but I don't think I'd pull off wearing them.

Abby Kihano said...

im not a big fan of feathers either but if i ever do ill go back to this entry to be enlightened! LOL

anyway... i love your style of writing :] work for a magazine istead! who needs business anyway?! LOL too many business major out there!

Trish said...

i feel like im going to look like a chicken if i wear this, but interesting, its also probably not a good idea for me if im allergic to feathers eh!


Hi, sorry for the late response, this is crazy! lol


Farah said...

firstly you seriously need to go work for a fashion magazine. You will fit right in with your tone and writing style.

Secondly I think I would actually wear that vest (if it doesn't set of any allergies of mine)! ;)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I'm with everyone when I say you need work for a fashion magazine. =) The vest is actually pretty cute, but not something I would ever dare to wear. =)