Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Phase of the Moment: Gone Gangster

From top: sparkles, coats, and tights galore!

Gangs are considered the bane of modern society. They act violently, indulge in debauchery, and worst, put on clothing that is arguably unfitting. Al Capone power suits are no longer fomented in the mischief industry!

Tossing the respected gangster suit aside, twenty-first century gangsters stuck to baggy-anything. Generally they wear saggy, baggy jeans, baggy T-shirts, baggy jackets, baggy socks, baggy eyes, and so on. Accessories are either nonexistent, or limited to the typified ostentatious jewelry.

Nonetheless, this atrocity didn't stop Givenchy from making a collection straight from the gangster's closet. Givenchy's Fall-Winter 2009 collection was aiming straight at the gangster look, supplying the models with razor cut hair; wide, hulking physiques; and that signature look of intimidation. Thankfully the house's creative director, Riccardo Tisci, deleted the sinfully baggy fit and replaced it with tubular silhouettes.

The coats and jackets were voluminously boxy, confident, and very reminiscent of the ones Jay-Z and P. Diddy would wear. However once you view below the belt, tights made from leather (!) and thigh-high bondage boots come to a big reveal. The contrast provided an appeal that somehow fused head-bashing with luxury, and formality with, uh, foot fetish.

And for sartorial gangsters longing for understated bling, Tisci even added scarves with metal detailing, necklaces and, wait for it, bejeweled boots!

Personally, I feel Givenchy gave me some ideas on what to wear for Fall. I just had a haircut that exudes more gangstah than normal (I blame the lady who cut and buzzed my locks). I should be rockin' the big jackets-and-tights look! Anyway, for more information, visit



Darling thanks for the comment, hope your weekend was good! Love Givenchy, the collection was perfect! i'm waiting for your comment again! ;)


Jessica said...

Oh my god, whether in a Givenchy or not, those models are friggin hot!!!

Manju said...

oohhh the models look so badass xD
not feeling the outfit on the first one that much, but the others look hot!

Nico said...

OMG I see that you gals like your men BAD!


Manju said...

Nahhhhhh just calvin klein underwear model for me thnx hahaha
But Nico i AM short!!!! D: i'm 5'2 and i get 'bullied' a lot by tall ppl coz most of the guys i hang out with are frickin tall! like when we'll play basketball, they'll hold the ball over my head and laugh at me >_< meanies! and they pat me on the head...grrrr......that is sooo damn annoying