Friday, November 20, 2009

Collection of the Moment: Fashion Snorts Crayola and More

One crack-tastic collection you get on a fashion high

For designers to be successful, they have to tap into their creative juices and produce something mass consumers would actually want to wear. And by "something the masses would actually want to wear," I meant stripped-down, run-off-the-mill clothes that lack the ingenuity and craft of a designer.

Luckily, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada--a spunky denizen of good ole EspaƱa--sticks to her guns and creates fashion that is neither lackluster nor boring. Fall-Winter takes on a whole new meaning with de la Prada's Crayola-colored collection. Neutrals, generally, are nonexistent and in its place is a barrage of brights and neons. Add the mix of superfluous details like cello F-holes and cages fitted for Tweety Bird, and the clothes go va-va-voom!

The silhouettes are playful and easy to the eye. In fact, de la Prada includes whimsical structure in her collection with the likes of one cactus-looking top and a triangular dress. Furthermore, she showered her collection with love as exemplified by a generous sprinkle of hearts. Unlike the Emanuel Ungaro catastrophe, hers was adorable.

And did I mention the recurring presence of glorified food motifs? Eggs and sausages are now a welcome addition to the famined fashion family!


Abby Kihano said...

i think lady gaga (the one with no brain cells) would wear these :P jk jk

the unfits are so ABSTRACT O_O that's kinda fun to watch though... like on the runway. but if it were some place else like the streets of LA i would think that they were mascots for a store. hehehhe

anyway, i miss you pink shoes. >.>

why do you say that the girls can't work the skinny jeans there? do they look freakishly ghetto?! O_O

Trish said...

oh wow wtfff i noticed the eggs on that purse right away wahhh!!

Manju said...

pictures not loading for me :(
so i don't really know how it looks like. but eggs and sausages??? >_< okayyy i've got a really dirty mind ahahaha




Nico said...

Pictures not loading? Manju, you have to see it to believe eggs-and-sausages going on.

Trish, I find it funny coz who the hell is gonna wear eggs? I'm glad you found it entertaining.

And yes, I did have a good weekend, MC, despite the piles of homework. @_@

Jessica said...

What the F?!!!!! Fashion has gone really wild! I wonder if there are people who would actually want to get spotted walking in an egg and sausage attire. As for me, I wouldn't get caught dead in it. NO EFFIN WAY!

Farah said...

Is it weird that this made me crave for a hot dog? hmm....

by the way, Nico, what is your email address? jengjengjeng! ;)