Saturday, December 5, 2009

Award of the Moment: Humane Award

This award is extremely long overdue so without further ado, I would like to thank my good friend (whether in cyberspace or in real life), Abby! She had a post about shopping for awards, and honestly I could not choose. Luckily, she recommended the Humane Award for me! I'm not particularly sure why she chose that one but I agree that at least once in a while, we become filled with compassion and empathy for our fellow brothers and sisters. Whether it be doing the chores for our family or comfortably saying "Hi!" to strangers or hugging a friend who needs comfort, being humane never went out of style.

So grab your cider and yell proudly: cheers to everyone!

Next on the programme is the tagging portion. I would like to tag the following people that exude the characteristics of a humane person: Trish, Farah, Jessica, Manju and Maha!


Maha said...


Manju said...

awwwww thank you for remembering me Nico :)
humane huh? lolllll

Trish said...

thank you nico yay!