Monday, December 21, 2009

Round Up of the Moment: 2009's Bad Fashions

Every one knows that 2009 is one dramatic year whether it is for fashion or beyond. Even more so if you add the whole decade in the mix. So, before handing in the reins toward a Happy 2010, The Wall Street Journal obliged to offer a brief look at 2009's best and worst fashions. But who really wants to see the best, when you can grimace at the fact you wore the worst? Here are fashion reporter Christina Binkley's worst fashion findings:

Worst of 2009

Adornment overload

1. Killer Booties: Binkley thought it was too "draft horse"-esq
ue because it piles so much details on the shoes--platforms, animal prints, zippers, chains, and many more. Then again, maybe some women looked at draft horses for inspiration.

A look strictly for the brave, and the toned--in the leggy regions

2. Skinny Jeans for Men: Honestly, this is one trend I absolutely love. I love my skinny jeans no matter what. Since every pair of jeans look baggy on me, I'm actually glad retailers started offering something that wouldn't look overwhelming for my legs.

An excuse to wear shorts in winter?

3. Short Shorts with Tights: It's bad because "chunky horizontal blocks of color will make you look several inches shorter and wider." However if you are built like a fashion model, then go for it!

Lean, mean and powerful

4. Power Shoulders: Binkley lamented the fact that she gets to relive the 80's--again. But for those young enough to never experience football/power shoulders, it looks so darn alluring. It goes to say that the worst decade for fashion just may end up being the treasure trove during the recession.

A perfect secretary look

5. Necktie Blouses: Wait, they make these? Anyway, I think a separate shirt and tie would work best because it extends the mileage of the shirt. Unless you know, you have to have a tie around your neck every time.

A cornucopia of offenses: power shoulders, necktie blouses and harem pants in one

6. Harem Pants: All it conjures is MC Hammer and Genie from Aladdin. That's all I have to say.


Farah said...

Harem pants...great to look at...not so fun to be actually stared at! ;)

btw darling, what's your email address??

Trish said...

i agree, skinny jeans on certain guys look great! but not so great on others =| people needs to learn that not every type of clothing will look good on them!! ahh!!

& about the last one, haha funny you mentioned aladdin!! a girl at work would wear those bottoms & she'd have a high pony tail & shes a blonde with long hair, she reminded me of i dream of jeannie!!! they only look good on tall skinny people XP

Manju said...

awww i actually like 3,4 and 5.
the absolute worst i've seen in 2009 are Crocs...hands down haha

p.s. i'm gonna check off everything on that wishlist mwahahaha ;)

Nico said...

Well this Worst Looks list isn't really meant to make people who wear them feel like they're suckers. Some of the pieces are NOT for some people like Trish said. If your body can pull it off, then you go! More power to ya.

Dang Manju, is that your goal for this year? What's your new year goal?