Friday, December 11, 2009

Personal Rant of the Moment: For the Love and Time

After many weeks of waiting, I finally met my friends' boyfriends! I'm very proud of A and L for picking the right men. They are very reputable men with ambition. Plus, they have polish and principle to accentuate a great personality. Although, they do have this semi-odd sense of humor, but that's totally irrelevant. I wish you gals all the best!

Moving on to another non-romantic subject, have you guys seen the new D&G Time commercial? The one with the suggestive ménage
à trois? I swear, Dolce and Gabanna never have a dull ad spot for their products. It's suffice to say that they're as edgy as Calvin Klein Jeans' ads. Except, you know, they're Italian.

This isn't the first time D&G made titillating ad spots for their watches. In fact, the hip Italian label is known for
sexualizing their advertisements. Do the quasi-explicit (and sometimes deviant, below) content actually work in persuading people to purchase D&G products? Watch and find out!


Farah said...

Well, it would persuade me to buy the watches but if only I get the male models with them! You know, like buy one get one free.. ;)

Manju said...

ahhhh the first guy in the 1st vid looks exactly my type...i was thinking of getting a GUESS watch, maybe i should change my think if i get a D&G he'll be part of the package Nico? looollss

the first A is - Abby?? right?hehe

Abby Kihano said...

heh! thank you so much ! i had so much fun :] let's hang out next thursday again! ^_^

oh and i love your videos!

Trish said...

ah im so behind blogging right now!! i will read this again when i come back!

PS: i have a new temporary URL, read my entry for more info why T_T

Nico said...

Uh-oh...My impenetrable force of pseudo-manes is being cracked by a rival hacker...Manju! Yeah, Manju A is for Abby.

As for the rest of you gals, I think the ad worked. Excepet who knew you ladies would have longed for at least (if not double) one man by the end of the commercial. I'm sure D&G would be nice enough to give you gals a complimentary man in every big package (no pun intended).

Manju said...

ahhh i shud maybe be a lit teacher haha ;)
hehe i knew it! i'm so happy for Abby ^^
seems like i don't get to choose in the end, my dad already bought me my watch in dubai trip.he got me two yay! the Guess G pop watch, one in black, one in white. i can't wait till he return home and i get to see them ^_^