Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wish of the Moment: Santa, I've Been (Mostly) Good!

I am so inspired by Jessica's post about her Christmas wishlist that I'm making my own wishlist too! A friendly warning, this post is going to be one avalanche of white hot (albeit restrained) materialism. And why shouldn't it? After all, I've been good all year long, Santa!

Nico's Christmas Wishlist:

1. As a prelude to my many gifts, I would love to score this duffle bag from Alexander Wang. Not to worry, Santa, it's not as expensive as Jessica's Birkin!

2. A lifetime subscription to 10 Men and V Man would be a nice addition too.

3. Since I live in Los Angeles, I'd want new sunglasses. Especially this one from Marni.

4. And to top off my list, this azure neoprene sleeve from Raf Simons! It may not keep me warm, but it looks smashing and simple.

5. Finally, I would love it if I experience a white Christmas here in L.A. I'm not asking for too much, but it would be great if there was snow (or hail) here. I mean, it happened before so it shouldn't be that hard. Please Santa, pretty please!

Wow, for a wishlist, I sound like I'm begging. But seriously, I would love to have the last one. A little drizzle of snow here wouldn't hurt, right? Of course, snow in L.A. wouldn't be complete without the duffle bag, the magazines, and the neoprene sleeve. And if anyone (and I mean anyone) is feeling jolly generous this Christmas season, do remember this list on your way shopping. Any rich moguls out there? Oprah? Cougars waiting for their boy-prey?

Duffle bag by Alexander Wang, $890 at; magazines at and; sunglasses by Marni, $280 at; neoprene sleeve by Raf Simons, $840 at


- kimmy - said...

definitely would like a little more Christmas-y atmosphere here in LA =) although I gotta say it's nice to have the sun. better get those shades~

Manju said...

sorry for being so bad at commenting lately nicooooo. so hectic, it's crazy these days!

i want snow toooooooo!!!!! so bad so bad! and the shades are awesome ^^


Hi darling, thanks for your kind words, je t'adooorrrre!

The Bible of fashion,

Hanako66 said...

awesome wish list and i'm right with you on the la weather!

Trish said...

i would love snow here in LA too, ohhh we can wish nico, we can wish!