Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Item of the Moment: El Poncho Loco

Ponchos are not unusual in the provinces of Latin America and the Wild West, but this Winter big cities like New York and Paris maybe well on the poncho foray as well.

Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter 2009

For Fall-Winter 2009, designers have given us a myriad of inspirations. Most dwell on the idea of bringing the 80's back while others recommend a return to the basics. Still, there are some that wish to venture beyond the financial panic and trek the savage part of life. For Marc Jacobs' collection, that means battling the torrential winds of New York City with a belted gigawatt yellow poncho and sculpted headgear. But for Wooyoungmi's sober collection (pictured topmost), the idea is more blazing the city's outback than conquering the nightclub.

The designers' vision on the "modern" poncho differed. Marc Jacobs opted for volume and eye-popping colors that'll entice any young woman. On the other hand, Wooyoungmi (the designer for the eponymous Wooyoungmi label) preferred tailoring and cropped length. The latter's version of ponchos are chic and very suitable for everyday use. Also, the fact that it pairs well with a tailored suit makes it even more appealing to young men. And did I mention the bulge-effect on the shoulders? Balmain Spring-Summer 2009 readily comes to mind.

As much as I adore every look from Wooyoungmi, I do have one, teeny, measly gripe: the tapered sides seems cumbersome and restrictive for arm movements. Anyhow, I'm sure the fabric is stretchy enough for any arm related ordeal.



Hiiio! thanks for your sweet words, your blog is always on top!

MAISON CHAPLIN, the fashionart blog


Hiiio! thanks for your sweet words, your blog is always on top!

The fashionart blog,
@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

Percevalties said...

They are two different visions of clothes but I find them quite both very interesting. For the collection of Wooyoungmi, it is very attractive but with difficulty portable I finds. I like very much color and the cup from Marc Jacob.

I like very much this article which I find very interesting.


Manju said...

i cant even LOOK at those ponchos without feeling suffocated >.<
don't worry, that's just me. it's so HOT over here uughhhhhh D:

p.s.thanks for entering the giveaway Nico :D

Manju said...

are your exams over now??
yep my dad's gone to dubai. i'm jealous lol
he's already bought my watch and now i just saw this http://www.lamercollections.com/collection/Black-Washed-Leather-Gun-Metal-Motorcycle-Chain/
i want!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

nicola ticola ponders said...

I was thinking the same thing about the restriction, what if you wanted to hail a taxi?! Couldn't.

Thanks for the props! Hehe, Wallace HATES wearing clothes, but I actually cannot resist!!

Yeah Pamplemousse is grapefruit haha, I just loved the word!

I love your Christmas wishlist, and that bag is delicious. Oh and just to make you nice and jealous, the snow here is AMAZING, so deep and the snowflakes are the size of snowballs!

nicola xx