Thursday, May 27, 2010

Headlines of the Moment: Geeks, Lakers and Tyra!

I'm no good at current events, and watching news is plain boring. Instead of spieling all the CNN goodies such as Obama's plan to resolve the oil spill, the anarchy in Somalia, or the instability in Afghanistan (yet again), here are my top headliners for the week:

Tyra goes bye-bye: Tyra Banks' talk show is coming to a close this week. This may be a good thing as she plans to focus more on America's Next Top Model, B.I.O. (Beauty Inside and Out, a social campaign to expand the standard of beauty), and of course, her newly resurrected modeling career. Another plus: she doesn't have to terrorize us with headlines like "Man with a Vagina" or some (intriguing) nonsense.

NBA Western Conference Finals: The Lakers, a venerable champion of the NBA, may have a tough game in their hands. Monday's bout with the Phoenix Suns put their teamwork and performance to the test. But to make things even, the Suns' benchers got some spotlight. Watch Game 5 today at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time on TNT. Oh, and one more thing, GO LAKERS!

3. Rachel Maddow's Geeks: If you want news to be exciting and a bit sardonic, look no further. The Rachel Maddow Show brings all the humor and lighthearted sarcasm conventional newscasters omit. For an added bonus, she features the geekiest of things for Geek Week! Watch Energy Secretary Chu admit he's a nerd.

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Trish said...

awww i liked watching the tyra show coz it has some weird stuff sometimes hahaha

RicAdeMus said...

Our local news is always exciting. Scary, but exciting!

I've heard good things about Maddow, but have not seen her show. I'll have to look for it.

Nico said...

Trish, yeah im kinda gonna miss tyra because of her funky style journalism. But i get really tired when she turns the conversation about herself. she says "I" alot.

Ric, what kind of news do they have in your place? LOL. I guess scary and exciting come hand in hand now. ;)