Saturday, May 15, 2010

Look of the Moment: Pass the Bowl

Jil Sander backstage

Yes, the ephemeral fever for bowl haircuts has arrived.
Jil Sander brought the look for Spring-Summer 2010 while Jack in the Box took it for clever marketing. It's tempting to adopt the 'do because the models at Jil Sander made it look so darn modern, intellectual--cool. But as Jack proved, what's ideal on the runway may not look so ideal in real life.

Thus ends my frill for bowl haircuts.


Farah said...

omg that hair...the only person who can pull it off is Mandark, you know in the cartoon Dexter's Lab? He is Dexter's rival. Okay maybe I am the only one watching cartoons then...LOL

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Umm...hmmm...I'm not fond of this look. Medyo mukang lampaso. hehehehehe.

Trish said...

omg & g-dragon, a korean artist also did a bowl cut, nooooo! i absolutely hate that hair cut on any grown up men! hahaha

Nico said...

@ Farah: LOL. Mandark. Yes, I remember him. I love Dexter's Lab...until they changed it. Did u see the characters...they look a little off in the latter seasons.

@ Mel: Lampaso, yes. Pero kung kaya naman dalahin ng tao, well hindi naman mukhang lampaso!

But I agree with Trish, the look is pretty childish. Like little kids would look so far better w/ bowl cuts.