Friday, May 14, 2010

WTH of the Moment: Lagerfeld's "Remember Now"

Prior to Chanel's Resort 2011 show (I know, it's already 2011 in fashion!), Karl Lagerfeld debuted a short film to stir the press. The full film is available at 10 magazine's blog, but don't even bother. After 17 onerous minutes, "Remember Now" is one pointless movie. But let's give Lagerfeld some credit. Here's what he did right:

1. The cast - it's a mix of beautiful people: actors and models. But it's more like an actor (Pascal Greggory) and a bunch of models.

2. The clothes - or the lack thereof because the girls are wearing the sluttiest (albeit expensive) of things. That's Chanel Resort 2011 for ya!

3. The acting - We have to agree that some models can't act. But when you tell them to act crazy, they do it spot on.

If you have to waste 17 minutes of your time, do check out the film. It's a wonderful way to numb your brain. Thanks Karl!


RicAdeMus said...

Well, on the bright side that will make teenage boys happy--the film giving teenage girls the idea that slutty = stylish!!! LOL

Nico said...

Rick: So true. I'm gonna be honest: I kinda liked the fact that the girls' skirts were pretty high up.

but the disconcerting part is there's no plot!!!