Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Item of the Moment: New Cellphone!

After five long years, my dad finally gave me a new phone! He gave me a spanking new Samsung Flight (SGH-A797) from AT&T.

It's a touch screen and QWERTY combo so typing is really easy.
(The keyboard is a huge blessing.) Plus, I have text messaging now! I know how archaic that sounds, but my parents are ones to eschew texting.

I'll be enjoying this phone for quite some time (the bane of contracts). But I'll always treasure fond memories of my block-shaped Nokia 6620, and my even older (some argue it's a WWII relic) Nokia 3530.


Trish said...

awwww yay!! finally! now we can be texting buddies hahaha! hooray for nico & his new phone & texting plan! =D

Farah said...

Yay on the new phone honey!! And I'll be sure to do the tag asap! ;)

Bruno said...

Never heard of this phone before, but it certainly looks better than the 3530 :P

Melissa said...

"hit me with a text, let me know when you're home alone.." its a song don't freak out about it. Haha its my ringtone too! anyways NICO YAY!! text me! dude im kinda scared to text you though since its not unlimited. :( well anyways love just thought i should drop a line.. or more like ten lol!