Monday, January 10, 2011

Splurge of the Moment: 10 Men in Carrot Pants

How long has it been since I flexed my purchasing muscle? Granted, I've been saving for one item. Here's a hint: it's necessary for Southern California. Nonetheless my thrift didn't stop me from trying ASOS, a UK-based fashion emporium that recently opened its American wing.

I haven't done much clothes shopping online primarily because of security issues. But since it's a new year, I am testing the online waters by purchasing a pair of pleated carrot trousers.

Hopefully, Isaac from Isaac Likes would approve...

If you're wondering what "carrot trousers" mean, it's a fancy word for pants that have a loose crotch but tapered legs. It's like a hybrid of skinny pants and regular pants. And hopefully, Isaac from Isaac Likes would approve, especially after his expressed vehemence to drop crotch pants.

Next on my list is a personal accomplishment. I finally bought an issue of 10 Men! I've been raving about this magazine for years, and I've had a habit of stalking it on the shelves of Borders but never really had the chutzpah to buy it. Although it's pretty expensive for a magazine (I shelled out nearly $20 for one issue!), it's a wonderful read, particularly their "176 Men For You" issue which documents important male players in the fashion field. Want a free preview before you buy? is the address to go.

Now that I divulged my sporadic shopping adventures, I must admit that I'm in a rut. All of a sudden, I feel this urge to go for more. What have I done!

Interested in what I'm eyeing next?

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ching said...

wow thanks for the link for isaaclikes. i instantly liked him.haha and the carrot pants mystery is solved. :D

Edrick said...

ooooh i love 10! :-) well, the sudden urge to go for more is natural!! haha like pringles, once you pop, you cant stop! :-)

Pop Champagne said...

ohh then I recently bought a pair of "Carrot trousers" too! didn't know there was a word for them :D have a great weekend!