Friday, January 28, 2011

Splurge of the Moment: What's Up Doc?

If you haven't realized from the title what I'll be talking about, here's a hint: Bugs loves 'em. A week ago, I ordered a pair of carrot trousers from ASOS, and after a merciless wrestle on my impatience, I have them!

The thing I noticed about online shopping is that the purchasing process is as swift as a click of a mouse. However, online shopping tests people in one skill: delayed gratification. Unlike real-life shopping, online shopping requires people to wait for their orders to arrive to the point of madness. Needless to say, I am very poor in this area, eventually developing a knack for tracking my order every hour or so--despite ASOS' reminder that their standard delivery ships around 7 business days.

I was saturated with glee only a giddy schoolgirl can express.

Ultimately, once the mailman dropped my package, I was saturated with glee only a giddy schoolgirl can express. (OK, I didn't look like that but in my head I felt like that.) I grabbed the scissors and tore up the packaging and beheld in my hands my new pair of pants!

But something wasn't quite right. I felt the fabric and thought it soft. When I checked the "ingredients" tag, I was aghast to see it wasn't 100% cotton as advertised. In fact, it wasn't even made from cotton! Darn ASOS screwed me over. But the good thing is it's not going to be as wrinkly as cotton tends to be that way after several washes.

Other than that, it looks like a good buy! Usually, when I get things on sale, the item's either funky-looking or some of the buttons are missing. But now that I received these trousers, I feel that I got what I wanted.


ching said...

wow you finally got the carrot pants you were talking about.. you should post a photo of yourself wearing may not be 100%cotton but at least you got the pants you wanted. :D

Nico said...

uhhhh, im not sure about taking a picture with my pants on. or off. just kidding lol. when i have time, ching!!! thanks :D

abby | ybba said...

Hey Nico!

When you mentioned on Facebook that you bought carrot pants, I was thinking that maybe it looked like this:

The reason why I thought about it is because you blogged about it before or posted photos of models rocking carrot pants. I also remember me lusting on them but I knew that they would look ridiculous on me because of my thunder thighs. LOL!

So, I was wrong about the carrot pants... The ones that you bought are HELLA SEXXAYY! So... Will you be wearing them to school or church? OR BOTH... I think you should also get a jacket like the one that you borrowed from faith. They look awesome on you!

I totally get you when you say that the waiting is so horrible! I got used to it already though because Chris buys so much stuff online and sometimes he buys some things for me. At the beginning, I was really REALLY impatient. Like one time, I wanted these speakers for my laptop, so I told Chris to buy one for me. It was for two day shipping. BUT the sad part was that it was delayed due to the holiday season AND it was the WEEKEND! I was so nerve wracked! I swear for the rest of the two days that i knew it might come, I kept looking out the window! LOL!


Nico said...

@abby: hahahaha those are harem pants lol. i would not buy those coz they just look funky, too funky for conservative ole me XP

right now i wanna curb my enthusiasm for online shopping.

and then you opened your shop!!!! oh the irony

Tessa Kit said...

Love your blog! :)

Pop Champagne said...

haha I hate that- when you order something and it's diff than what you think it is when you receive it! that happened to be a few times on that I stopped. but hmm asos now that you mentioned it i have to check them out... i'm kind of on a shopping spree lately LOL

ro said...

Yeah, post pictures of you wearing them pretty please! This is the second time I've heard of ASOS products not being true to what they are listed as on the site. (I'd still shop there though)

derek said...

glad you like your pants!!!

i was completely the same way. I ordered a few things from asos a few weeks ago and i was tracking it like every 30 minutes! It was stressful haha

online shopping can be so sketchy sometimes