Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Feature of the Moment: Hair'd On The Runway

"A new year, a new you." That was my sincerest sentiment to a friend before 2011. Well, it was actually directed to his hair.

My good friend, SJ, has been keenly growing his hair into a purty mane. It's a shame I can't say the same to his beleaguered hairdo; let's just say it's deadlocked to ponytail mode ever since. To herald a new beginning, I took it upon myself to suggest ways to spruce SJ's tresses up. I even added a matching soundtrack courtesy of Willow Smith. Let the hair raising begin!

Let the hair raising begin!

1. The side part from Celine - Long a staple of balding men, this minimal style requires a simple comb over from one side of the head to the other. Gather the hair at the nape and you're good to go!

2. Long hair don't care at Proenza Schouler - Channel grungy or surfer nonchalance with this low maintenance 'do. To achieve it, Stylelist notes to "spritz some Océanique spray to create a crispy finish, and add some gel for a bit of lift." Or you could just roll over from bed.

3. Gone slick at Dries Van Noten - Clean, cool and utterly chic, this look is perfect for the boardroom or the nightclub. All it takes, chimes Fashionising, is "good old-school Brylcreem if you're after a classic wet look." The second is which side to slick it to.

Any suggestions you want to share? Simply drop them by the comments section!

Video from youtube.com; all images except Celine from style.com; Celine from widbox.com


abby | ybba said...

hehhe their hair looks funny!

oh and a new year! a new year!!!

also, i still have to tell you my PLAN!!! LOL

S A G E said...

lmaoooooooo. Thanks for taking such interest in my hair.

emer said...

hey nicoe, so i jst finished watching The Devil Wears Prada and it was really good! It really is inspiring. Just don't try to be like Andrea though; don't forget who you are and don't forget about your friends!

Nico said...

@ emer: see i told you its good!!! dont worry i wont forget my friends :D