Thursday, June 4, 2009

News of the Moment: I'm Published!

After many years of being an aspiring writer, I finally got my break! Eh, sorta kinda.

It's actually just a write up for my church to endorse our new event The Kalayaan Festival. So if you wanna read my little mash up of an article, read on at or just read it below:

June is the month of summer and the end of school. And it’s finally here! With the sun up and the waves beckoning for company, the definite place to go is the sandy beachfront.

But before you spend your summer all-American style, wouldn’t it be appropriate for you to spend time celebrating your Filipino heritage as well? After all, June 12th is the Philippines’ Independence Day. A word of advice: get your barong or baro’t saya ready because on June 6th the Center of Hope will be hosting their annual Kalayaan Festival.

With Filipino folk dances, entertainment and great food all in one place, there is no reason to miss this event. There will also be free medical check-ups and raffle prizes galore! In addition, the Kalayaan Festival will be a chance for you to acquaint with local businesses and service providers. Also, it’s a time for us to recognize our kababayan veterans for their hard work, dedication and bravery while in service. Furthermore, it’s an opportunity for you to get connected with the Center of Hope! The Center of Hope has served the Historic Filipinotown community through volunteer services, food distributions, and sharing the gospel. And this is your chance to support them!

So mark your calendar on June 6. It will be a day filled with culture, fun and excitement! Go ahead, bring the whole family along; add your friends on the way too! Celebrating freedom just can’t be missed.


Abby Quijano said...

sweeet!!! i love it nico... and this is for your church right? i think i wanna go! :}

Nico said...

Thank YOU!!! I actually did that while writing the "Mouse" post. LOL.