Thursday, June 11, 2009

Splurge of the Moment: Wingtips

Summer is all about the beach, the sun, and the barely-there clothing most people love/hate. I kinda wish I was prepping my body for that sought-for beach physique. But instead of pumping iron (no steroids, please) I was more preoccupied with flexing my purchasing muscle.

Alas, the time has come and I finally bought myself a pair or gray wingtips. They may be some no-name shoes, but what drew my attention were the design, and the price tag: I got them on sale!


Trish said...

we actually have those laying around the house & never been used! i should go look for them to see if theyre still around or if its too late that we have donated it

& i didnt know you knew german, wth..since when?!?!?

congrats on being published btw =]! good job!

Nico said...

Thanks Trish! I actually took a German class last year. yeah, it was hard, but the professor was nice so all is well.