Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thought of the Moment: The Argument for a Manclutch

The moment I saw Dior Homme's Spring-Summer 09 collection, I thought: OK, I see more volume, asymmetry, and giant key chain things hanging from the models' bodies (on left, the magenta dangler). I've seen key chains hang from kids' pants like it was some sort of modern ball-and-chain, but this one is a little bigger, scratch that, a lot bigger.

I haven't seen a
giant key chain hang off pants before, until I discovered that it was not to be! According to the website, it, in fact, is a clutch.

I really have no clue what a clutch should be doing in a man's wardrobe, but I bet you that
Dior Homme creative director, Kris van Assche, is suggesting a more refined man with woman-ish clothes and accessories. Check the bejeweled pants and the shirts with lace-like cutouts, and butterfly detailing.

Interested? Check it out at


Abby Quijano said...

Manclutch ehh? would you use them?

Trish said...

i think gay guys would love that stuff, like the nice detailing of the work & the designs, theyre very into those things from what ive seen from queer eye O_o

Nico said...

NO, clutches are just too unfuncional for me. They're too wee and what the heck am I gonna fit in there if I can use my pockets?