Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peeve of the Moment: Paris Hilton's My New BFF

I have long awaited for the event I call "The Reality Show Hiatus" where reality shows just go on its highest of heights then flop in the face of society. Sadly, it has not come yet.

But to make sure network television juices out every bit of drama people have (allegedly) been craving for, the great idea would be to churn out more! And that's what MTV has been doing: the progeny of all things cheap, dramatic and oh so trashy TV has revamped its reality collection with a season premiere of
Paris Hilton's My New BFF.

The premise of this new show is similar to
The Bachelor except, instead of winning love the contestants woo to win Paris' friendship. Isn't that sweet? Not really, since the whole essence of the show is to claw your way to the top and leave everyone else broken and/or in ruins. In addition, we also learn that saying "I love you, Paris!" a million times goes a long way, just make sure you slave your way to do it.

I think MTV just redefined friendship.

Anyway, while watching the first episode, I did learn some
new lingo. Here are some:

1. bitches - an army of skanks and whores, or in this case a Paris BFF wannabe.
2. hungry tiger - a person who befriends a celebrity to jumpstart his/her fame.
3. TTYN - how to say "farewell" in Paris' little world; translation still at works.


Abby Quijano said...

lol.. yep... mtv redefined friendship.. what's the show about anyway? i dont think ill have the patience to watch it!

Trish said...

TTYN - talk to you never

that show was dumb & funny the first time it came around, 2nd time it'll just be annoying haha

Nico said...

Thanks Trish for the translation. Sheesh, why does she talk like a life size Sidekick?