Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Award of the Moment: Beautiful Blogger Award!

I really want to thank Manju of Manju Gone Blog for giving me this award! I don't normally receive blog awards so I find this situation pretty stressful. If I ever won an award for something (I wish!), I wouldn't have enough brain power to conjure up my speech. Then again, I like to make things sweet and short.

Again, thank you Manju! I never knew you found my blog "beautiful" since I never styled it in anyway (my layout is default as you can see). Then again, you might be looking at the contents. Also, I would like to thank my readers. You guys have been marvelously, awesomely supportive. If Tony the Tiger was here, he would've said the same thing.


Abby Kihano said...

oh my gosh nico... you know what's so awesome? i started the beautiful blogger award LOL! i was looking for pretty icons on google and i found that. it was pretty hard to find an icon like that O_O!!! LOL

congrats !

Manju said...

Like Seriously?!? Abby you started that?? And i think I passed it on to you as well! LMAO! weirrrrrrd haha

its supposed to be for bloggers who are beautiful inside and out, right?
so congrats Nico ^^

Nico said...

YEY! I feel loved. :)

Trish said...

lmaooooo thats so funny yay for abby!!! ahahah!! it came full circle to you!!

Manju said...

LMAO! you have a pair of heels stashed somewhere don't u ;P
lol kidding. yes it works! actually not just heels, but even guy shoes as well. you fill a plastic bag with water, make sure u tie it well, then stuff it inside the shoes and leave them in the freezer overnight. then you take them out of the freezer and leave to defrost.see, the frozen water sort of loosens the shoe so it's painless when you break into them