Monday, September 14, 2009

Splurge of the Moment: Getting My Geek On

I know, I know. I should be spending money on clothes. But priorities come first when I purchased my new Sharp EL-738 finance calculator. You see, it's a requirement for my financial accounting class. And since I'm a business major--marketing, to be exact--I absolutely have to have it (as much as I have to have a new bag, preferably a Fred Perry one from Urban Outfitters). It's like my "business-minded" version of a long-term investment.

But besides the fact that I'm going to continually use it, I found my Sharp calculator so unique from the others. My professor recommended purchasing a model from HP (which means a lot of my peers are going to have them). And if HP is a no go, then most likely students are going to swarm to the next best thing, Texas Instruments.

It's so funny to see culture shock happening in the calculator world. When I lived in the Philippines, the go-to calculator brand is Casio or Sharp. If ever you have some other brand, then people tend to look at you weird. On the other hand, here in the United States, most people depend on their Texas Instruments (HP makes a handful of scientific calculators too, but HP is more prevalent in the finance industry). And when seen using a Casio or Sharp? Confused stares will start flying.

Why can't we just get along? I mean, calculators are calculators no matter how they're branded. One user may deem one brand more user-friendly than the other, and vice versa. So don't give me that skeptical look, like my calculator is some alien contraption with a hidden self-destruct button (although that would be cool!). My calculator and your calculator can be friends. Best friends.


Trish said...

hehe this is funny, i never really cared what calculator i had, just as long as it looked cool!

i know right? a calculate that looks cool? who am i kidding!!!!

Manju said...

i HATE calculators. which is weird since i'm studying actuarial science, but it's probably since i'm a bit traumatised from all the abstract maths in my course lol

three starbucks in one block! n there's not even one, in the whole country over here. life is so unfair :( but it's probably good for my waistline haha

hmm yes it's not on the menu but if you order 'skinny' anything they use low-fat milk instead of the whole's a pathetic way of reassuring myself that i'm not downing 'that' many calories ;)

Nico said...

LOL to you Trish. Calculators never looked cool. But hey, I want something that nobody else has.

And to Manju: Actuarial science? What's that? man, that sounds mighty hard. :) And hopefully you find your starbucks in the future!

Shateka said...

hahaha... nice one... well if i had a calculator then i would
" introduce " it to yours ... but sadly i dont... i used to its name was blu. because it was blue. haha... hmmm i kinda will need blu again soon so when i recover his where abouts i shall call for a "play date" lolz