Sunday, September 6, 2009

Personal Rave of the Moment: I am Not a Victim

I am currently spending my Labor Day weekend with my dearest family and friends.

On Thursday, I spent the night with Abby, Meli and Lorraine. It was one of the greatest and most frightening nights ever: it was great because I had the opportunity to hang out with my pals, frightening because my friends
attempted to pimp/ho me up against my will.

Friday morning, Abby, Meli and I had brunch at Panang; I had a scrumptiously hearty meal thanks to my gals who vouched for me (I am so grateful for your generosity, Abby and Meli). Afterwards, I went home under the searing heat.

I was hoping that the actual weekend would overshadow my pre-weekend activities. Unfortunately, my Saturday was disappointingly so-so; we just went grocery shopping. My Sunday was worse. A source told me that one of my church peeps was
criticizing me because I'm uncannily rail-thin. He allegedly described me as a "Holocaust victim."

As much as I am inclined to ignore vile remarks, I find it uneasy to let this wisecrack go. Personally, I am hurt that someone at church is being mean-spirited. Sure, I may be lean, but it's not right to describe me as emaciated as Holocaust victims (oddly enough, I am fine with "rake-thin" or "stick").

The Holocaust is an awful display of injustice and persecution; poking fun and making references to the victims' suffering is inappropriate and distasteful. I do hope the "wisecracker" learns to substitute his insensitive and impetuous jests for something more politically correct. I am open to apologies. Just make sure you drag your sorry fat arse to me.


Abby Kihano said...

Say what?
That is so uncalled for!
I mean who really has the face to
talk smack about people like that?!

I think this person is just jealous that you're thin. HEH!

Anyway, dude I had fun! Sorry it got hot at my house! We should do that again.

Actually I was at the store the other day and I saw a pack toothbrush. I was thinking "hmmm... should I buy it?" LOL!

I didn't.

Manju said...

what a jerk! he's probably fat and jealous. just ignore it!
I love Abby's blog, she's such a sweetheart ^^
and oh, you speak french??

Trish said...

poor you! dang nico, guys are jealous of your thin-ness! & tallness perhaps?!

but what can you do? its all naturale! ;D

Manju said...

on a brighter note, you have some awards waiting for you on my blog ^^