Friday, September 18, 2009

Trend of the Moment: Killer Heels

If you think three inch heels are enough to give you vertigo, designers would definitely beg to differ. This Fall, labels such as John Galliano and Nina Ricci decided to up the ante with towering sets of platform heels. It seems that platforms are a major item for Fall, but who in their right head would jump in the bandwagon? These lovely ladies from New York Magazine test their fear of heights on the latest Fall essential. But, be aware that risks are a part of this new trend. You don't want to end up like Prada's Spring 09 folly!

On a lighter note, I found an interesting lookbook video of these fashion editors from China. At first, I thought one of them was a girl. Proved me wrong! Click play to find out.


Trish said...

omg those heels are crazy!!!! i can only wear heels upto 3 inches maybe less hahaha, i think anything higher i would fall!!

& guys looking like girls in asia specially japan is pretty much normal lol

i have tagged you btw well im going to in my next post XD

Manju said...

whoaaaaaaaa i want a pair ^^
i'd probably stumble and break my neck in them though, but i still want a pair haha, how crazy is that.
i love aerobics!!such fun XD

Nico said...

Trish: If looking like a girl in Asia is normal, then I haven't gotten the memo! LOL. That's kinda weird. Or maybe it's the American POV that makes it weird. Go figure. And Manju, are you carrazzy? I can't even stand for hours on my sneakers (no heels, HAHA!). But if you insist, then I think you'd like the Galliano. Very fun and whimsical. The pompom top is a plus.

nicola ticola ponders said...

I just don't understand it...I literally end up throwing a tantrum on a night out wearing a pair of 3 inch heels, I physically CANNOT walk in them! How do they do it??!!?!?!

nicola xx