Sunday, September 13, 2009

WTH of the Moment: Kanye Steals Taylor's Spotlight

In another episode of attention deficit disorder, Kanye West commits to some idiotic nonsense on Sunday's Video Music Awards. Then again, he's no newbie at this. In 2006, Kanye made MTV headlines when he claimed the coveted Moon Man was unfairly awarded to some low-caliber artist. And in true Kanye fashion, his criticisms and complaints radiated like a child's emotional meltdown, with F bombs hurled here and there.

This year, Kanye West did not disappoint in his usual hullabaloo. When teen country star Taylor Swift ascended to the stage to claim her Best Female Video Award, Kanye immediately sweeps onto the stage, grabs the mic from the teenager, and says "Beyonce (another contender for the award) has one of the best videos of all time."

I firmly believe that Beyonce, in her "Single Ladies" video, did make a greater impression on me compared to Taylor's "You Belong to Me". But, just because I don't agree with the voters' decision doesn't mean I have the right to rain on Swift's parade. She is, after all, a worthy recepient of the award.

As much as I look up to anyone who speaks their minds out loud, I do believe that there is an appropriate time and place for it. Kanye, unfortunately, forgot this--and pretty much the rest of his manners. However, I do applaud him for apologizing. But next time Kanye, think before you speak. Better yet, make that your next album's title to make it stick.


Trish said...

kanye disappointed me, what he did was rude & makes him look like he has no manners!

its ok that he spoke his mind out but he should of done it in a different way, time & not in such a rude way to steal that moment from her

i feel like he suffers from some kind of illness or A.D.D. hmmmm...

Nico said...

Amen SISTAH! Preach it Tyreshia!