Monday, September 28, 2009

Dilemma of the Moment: Interview Wardrobe

I'm not sure if I told anyone about writing a scholarship essay. I'm sure my friend Shateka knows about this because I remember she always IMed me whenever I typed it down. Anyway, I'll tell you the story behind it.

Before school started, my parents got very unnerved that my tuition increased. To compensate for them forking over thousands of dollars, my lovable parents forced me to enter this essay-writing scholarship. The main goal of the essay is to write how the economic/financial crisis is affecting California, and pretty much everyone else.

You see, this scholarship was actually meant for my sister. But when she decided to change majors from Business to Design, I guess all the "business" juices just drained out of her--she allegedly couldn't write a cohesive essay dealing with economics.

In the end I hesitantly did it. I wasn't necessarily confident that I'll get it so I didn't even bother to follow up.

That was August. Fast forward today, and behold, I got an invitation from the scholarship peeps! Supposedly, the finalists are going to be interviewed before handing a check. At this point I'm just worried of what to say. But most importantly, what am I going to wear for my interview? Should I be a demure and wear conservative clothes? Or should I just be me? Talk about dilemma. Suggestions? Comments? Please drop them before October 3.


Manju said...

OMG congrats for making it to the finals !!!!!!!!!

hmm i was interviewed once wen i won an essay comp, and they asked mostly about me (like how the consequences are directly influencing me) n then in general abt my essay. just make sure you remember everything you wrote, and you can argue your points.

good luck ^^ this is so exciting!

i'd suggest you wear a tie.even if you don't get into the whole 'suit' getup, still wear a tie. it's an interview after all.

p.s. i'd totally join you in that raindance ;)

Trish said...

ahhh congrats nico!!!! i hope they hand you that fat check!!

& as for your outfit, why dont you mix it up? be yourself yet still look sleek & professional!

Jessica said...

Wow congrats! This is a huge, huge deal, I'm so glad you got it!

As for what to wear, Manju and Trish are right. Pick something that's sleek and professional at the same time. What's gonna matter in the end is your attitude. Good luck, Nico. Update us, okay?