Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brilliance of the Moment: Diesel

I always appreciate ads with crazy concepts. Ads with substance more than style; ads that make you think and not just sell things; ads that propose alternate realities and not simply scream product placement. Diesel makes some pretty awesome page-droolers. It's not because of the trendy, stylish clothes or the hot, toned models. Brilliant (and oftentimes cooky) concepts for the win!

Update: A couple of the Be Stupid ads are reportedly banned in the U.K. One is a picture of a girl "flashing a surveillance camera, and another of a girl taking a picture of her naughty bits." (NY Mag)

Global Warming Ready via azcity.wordpress.com; Live Fast via stillad.com; Be Stupid via theessentialist.blogspot.com; Human After All via brightstupidconfetti.blogspot.com


RicAdeMus said...

Great ads! I've never seen them before.

TV commercials confuse me a little. So many of them depict people who use the product (whatever it is) as idiots. I end up thinking, "I wouldn't want to be associated with them"...so it makes me NOT want to use the product. Which I kind of appreciate! =)

Wenny Yap said...

I guess ads that off the usual mark garner more attention ... it makes us think and try to co-relate the ad with the product.

I like all the ads you posted here. Very unusual indeed but tasteful.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

They do have catchy concepts don't they? I enjoy looking at their ads.

Farah said...

Hello Honey!! I'm back!!! hope you didnt miss me too much! ;)

anyways, I really like the second add. it kills me sometimes how creative these ad ppl are.

Trish said...

ive seen a few more photos with the gravity concept, i love it!!

Nico said...

@ trish, i dont think i've seen that one. i'll check it out though!!!