Thursday, July 29, 2010

Video of the Moment: Fur Realz?

Actual suit on the Paris runway

Remember that all-faux-fur Chanel suit Lagerfeld sent out a few months ago? Joe Zee of Elle test drove the ensemble in the middle of summer! I say kudos to the man for taking the heat. And maybe more just by looking at people's reactions. Suffer for fashion, baby!

Also, note how he's wearing a Jansport backpack with Chanel. Nothing bad with that, right?

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Farah said...

omg! that does not look comfortable in the least. However, it might look really good on the floor as a rug...whadya say?

Pop Champagne said...

I'd wear a suit like that for halloween. But then it's be super hot when I go into a club... who would wear that anyways?! it'd get dirty so easily!

Nico said...

@ Farah: yeah, i think it would get more mileage as a rug. hehe. keep the floor warm!!!

@ Pop: i agree with ya too! this suit is not practical at all unless you're trying to scare someone. :)