Friday, July 30, 2010

Personal Rant of the Moment: Lonely Hearts

I know I'm in vacation right now, but I seem to not have time to spend quality time with someone. A special someone if you can catch my drift.

Ever had those moments when you just want to hug someone but no one is there to hug? Or just talk to someone face to face, but still nothing? That's how I'm feeling: loneliness with a dash of boredom.

I can't wait to get out if this mood. Someone, anyone, please take me away!

But until my hero saves me, I'll bask in some nostalgic tunes. It can help heal the sorrow. I hope.

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Trish said...

boo i feel like that sometimes too, lets hang out!!!!

Christine said...

ohh we all get that feeling sometimes. I call it getting the blues.
girl remedy to it: chocolate, ice-cream and shopping! lol

Nico said...

Yes trish, we do need to hang out. really bad. i heard Bevs wants to go kbbq some tym!

And i'll take your advice to heart christine. :) nothing beats chocolate and ice cream. shopping can take a while: no $$ XP