Saturday, July 10, 2010

Trailer of the Moment: Newcastle

Drama, drama, drama. Seems the ladies are hogging all the relationship kerfuffle in hit shows like The Hills and Gossip Girl.

Enter "Newcastle," which makes boy-drama a sinewy breath of fresh air. For the moment at least.

"Newcastle" is a tale of one teen's coming of age. Jesse Hoff (Lachlan Buchanan) takes center as the ambitious, ├╝ber-competitive hotshot. Along with him is his misfit brother, Fergus (played by Xavier Samuel who will be featured in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"), and a harem of surf-happy friends.

Following a dismal trial for a surf competition, Jesse and pals trek to some deserted beach for a night of sexual discovery and--you guessed it--more drama! You see, Jesse is trapped in a life of coal mining (as his father and older brother) and his only way out is to become a professional surfer. Unfortunately, friend Andy stole "his spot."

Jesse may come off as whiny and bitter, but that's the whole thrust of the film. It's about him growing up and realizing things aren't as peachy keen as he wants it. Though immature and self-serving, Jesse eventually comes to terms with reality and the pain it'll bring.

If the protagonist is too overbearing for your palate, director-writer Dan Castle gave Fergus a deserving subplot.

Fergus is a foil to Jesse in every way possible: he doesn't surf, he doesn't have friends (at least not on camera), and he doesn't relate well to his brother's (and the majority of the neighborhood's) surfing obsession. Although he's considered the oddball of the group, Fergus has something the others lack--insight.

"Newcastle" isn't everybody's movie. The plot isn't pitch perfect, and the editing definitely needs tweaking. Some surf scenes, no matter how pumped with hyper adrenaline, are too long to even take part in the drama. In addition, the film's jaded message of surfing as the alternative (or only) career doesn't help teenagers either; one has to question whether these kids even go to school!

Despite the flaws, the movie has its charms. It's rife with symbolism and features a gratuitous amount of, er, surfer bums.

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Trish said...

haha it sounds like a movie i would turn on while i fall asleep LOL! id watch it when im bored too ahhh!

Nico said...

it's actually not that bad. there's a lesson to be learned in the end, and its a heartwarming film too! maybe i sounded toooooo critical of it. :D