Saturday, July 11, 2009

Activity of the Moment: I Upgraded Ubuntu!

The default screen

After many months of using Ubuntu's "Hardy Heron" and installing surprisingly numerous updates and apps, I found it fitting to upgrade. So as of July 11, 2009 I am using the "Jaunty Jackalope" version.

It certainly has the feel of the previous version, but the graphics are inches better. An added bonus is its superb speed. Although, it can gradually slow down, as is the case of any computer.

But despite some caveats (such as possibly slowing down the host OS--Windows Vista), I simply adore everything about Ubuntu, simply because all of it is free and functional!

Beat that Microsoft and Apple.


Abby Quijano said...

my ubuntu didn't work. well it didn't but i couldn't go online with it cuz the wi-fi is never on for it. and when i tried to turn it on it wouldn't TURN ON!!! hahaha...

i wish i can use ubuntu too.. it's so different from windows!! XD

Nico said...

YEP! So true. Well, iono how well it does with laptops. My friend's went fine. Did you ever get to uninstall it?

Trish said...

whats ubuntu? lmao im completely lost, is it an operating system you can just install on any comp!?!? hahahah oh tell me wise nico! LOL

Nico said...

Yeah, it's an OS like Apple's OS X and WIndows Vista. I like it coz it's fast and it's free!!!! so if you have lame laptops that are pretty slow, use ubuntu. Get it from their weebsite!