Saturday, July 25, 2009

Icon of the Moment: Draco Malfoy

You may be wondering why I put Harry's nemesis for my Icon of the Moment. Until you watch the newest installment of the "Harry Potter" series, I can't really tell you.

But I will anyway.

You see, there's something called dark-side chic. Well, at least for me such a thing exists.

Do you ever wonder why the bad guys always look so much better than the heroes? I mean, I'm no fan of the evil side or malevolent forces out there, but it is true! And if you saw Draco Malfoy in his all black ensemble in "The Half-Blood Prince," I bet you'll agree.

Remember that one scene when Draco beats the hell out of Harry (using magic, of course) inside the train? Oh, how I loved every moment of it (although I tried mightily to disregard Harry's poor condition). His slim black suit, shirt and tie; and for accessories: a devious wand and a graphite cowhide briefcase. The overall effect was either a Snape wannabe, or a darn serious evildoer.

Let's just say he was oozing evil (and guilt). With a sprinkle of tough boy chic.


Abby Quijano said...

i did find it suspicious that they don't wear those silly robes anymore. and freaking malfoy looks great in a freaking suit *sigh* LOL

Shateka said...

rofl i totally agree with abby