Friday, July 17, 2009

Collection of the Moment: Balenciaga's Manbags

For men only: Giant City bag-esque travel bag

I dare say, there's a double standard when it comes to bag making. Don't believe me? Then head out to your nearest boutique and tell me how many bags are there for men. I'm sure there aren't alot.

Not fully convinced? Then tell me, if there are alot, how many varieties are there?

For some largely unaddressed reason, fashion conglomerates out there (you know who you are!) seem to be ignoring men who are
willing and able to spend alot of money on bags. Some of these men, believe it or not, unwillingly accept to purchase women's oversized purses, and try to pull it off without looking a) feminine or b) a bagsnatcher who scored a thousand dollar accessory.

But hey, Fall just might be the time to turn this conundrum around! Turns out,
Balenciaga, the bagsmiths of all bagsmiths, is churning out some pretty awesome sacs for Fall.

And look, they're specifically tailored for men: simple, sturdy and not as overstyled as their womanly counterparts. This should be enough reason to open our wallets once more!

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Abby Quijano said...

that true.. and i think there's more sales for women! LOL... AND more stores for women! so sorry to hear that nico! :{