Friday, July 10, 2009

Item of the Moment: YSL Hankie

I am out with my BFFs right now, just wasting away in front of the computer (yet again but more fun). Everything is going swell except one thing kept bugging me: it's so freaking HOT!

Just so you know, I carry a water bottle so I can stave off dehydration, but damn, I just realized I sweat profusely. I just wish I have a hankie with me. Which is all the more reason to get one.

But not just any hankie. I want a specific one--a special one as a matter of fact. Check out this "pocket square" with safety pin print from Yves Saint Laurent. I call it hankie because I don't really wear suit jackets (last time I checked it's 85° outside), and the prospect of me wearing one will leave others asking "Why're you all dressed up?" I don't like those comments anyhow.

But the real deal is the fact that it's on sale! Yep, is having a sale, and this one will merely set you $59 back. It's worth every wipe.


Abby Quijano said...

hey im glad that you wrote an entry at my house. honestly, i felt bad that i fell asleep, but i was so tired! i didn't even know i was until shateka tapped my hand and BAM i woke up O_o i guess i was half asleep. oh well.

but next time we need to chill more often! :]

Trish said...

^^^^^^ abby always fall asleep lmao!

go get em hankie!