Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lust of the Moment: PSP Go

At last, after six years of unlimited play, portability, mobility and overall usefulness, Sony decides to amp up their PlayStation line with a new PSP Go. Although it will be available in Fall, there's definitely excitement for my part.

Alas, I never actually owned the previous model, so this would be the opportunity to actually own one. No more eavesdropping on my friend's PSP. No more.

Still, not alot has changed for this Game Boy competitor (gamers out there would definitely disagree with me--they put the PSP in a category of its own).

Users can still watch movies, play video games, view photos, listen to music and access the web. The only change, as far as I know, is its look and feel. Look, sliding feature!

In addition to the revamped body, the PSP Go will sport 16 GB of internal memory. So long, MemoryStick Pro Duo!

But one thing still bothers me. How will Sony price this new PSP?

It seems Sony is aiming to tackle the iPod Touch territory (after all, Apple does offer games to their Touch). It's only safe to say that it will be around the Touch's price range.


Abby Quijano said...

awww it looks tempting to get! cept im not much of a gamer so im going to be a wanna be gamer.. haha like a wanna be skater but i'll be the wanna be gamer. lol...

"look at me and my new kick ass PSP. drool over and bow before it" pwahahahhaha

Trish said...

omg i must get this for someone haha!!