Friday, July 3, 2009

ARRGH! of the Moment: Feeling Disconnected

The worst has finally happened. For the past few days I suffered from a modern day syndrome called disconnect-ophobia. I don't know why but my landline is missing a dial tone, my cellphone is erratically giving me error messages, my internet connection is excruciatingly slow or nonexistent, and my mind is running low on sensory distractions. I guess this is the millenials' burden. Hyperconnectivity is already the norm and the lack thereof manifests a feeling of emptiness and inadequacy.


Abby Quijano said...

grrr you nico! i was trying to call you on friday and nothing! your cellphone does NOT work and your home phone is WHACK! lol i guess im back to communicating with your through emails. IF YOU STILL CHECK IT!

Trish said...

good ol' emails!

i also need a new phone, my phone shuts down & goes wack

time to go back to the stone age era!