Saturday, July 11, 2009

News of the Moment: Sports Gone Wild

Most ignored major league sport in the U.S. causes quite a stir!

There was a time when everyone was focused on Michael Jackson's sudden death. A fraction of them, most likely the business-minded, frowned on the stock's performance and the economy's imminent downward spiral.

While the rest are verily distracted with everything else there is, the sports world did manage to
steal a bit of the spotlight. Among the big highlights include:

NBA sets lower salary cap for 09-10: This means multi-million dollar contracts may not be so multi-million as they used to be. No need to fret LeBron; you're far better off than the thousands of laid-off Americans .

NFL star Steve McNair murdered: Former Titans quarterback and girlfriend found dead. Police concluded that Sahel Kazemi, McNair's mistress, shot him dead then committed suicide.

3. L.A. Galaxy's Landon Donovan bags on Beckham: The Galaxy's captain gives a tell-all in Grant Wahl's new book
"The Beckham Experiment." Among other issues, Donovan criticizes David Beckham's "commitment" to playing with the American team. Donovan then decides to be "a man and t[ell] David how I felt as opposed to telling a reporter."

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Trish said...

i was never really into sports hmmm, oh well! good for these teams/people!!!

& you should visit me at work!!! & i'll score you some of that pastries =]