Friday, October 9, 2009

Feature of the Moment: Treading the Bear Market in Style

Don't mess with these ladies

Leave it to Miuccia Prada to create an ensemble that will leave shivers down your throat. For her Fall collection, Prada portrayed the fierce side of femininity without the 80's influence. Tailored jackets and coats are the main attraction to her show: the top part of the jackets exude masculine strength with wide set shoulders (buff arms) and giant lapels (pulsating pecs, perhaps?). But as it flows downward, there's a transition to a skirt. To add more lady-like features, plunging neck lines and cinched waists are provided.

As for accessories, Prada never fails to supply sturdy animal leathers. Thigh-high leather boots for treading the rough waters of Wall Street, and studded high heels to kick any Madoff wannabe (or thieves who want to snatch your fabulous Prada purse) in the butt!

Color palettes were restrained to the richest of blacks and reds. Somehow the red closely resembled blood. Any reference to the current vampire mania? Or maybe it's a suggestion to brace for some economic hand-to-hand combat. Blood, armor, and weapons. "This is Sparta!"


Manju said...

is it me or do the runway models really look scarier every time ahahaha
if one of those girls was walking down the street and glaring like that, i'd b totally freaked out >_<''

Trish said...

i agree with manju!

but i like the one of the very far right, if only i was thin enough to pull that dress off lmao!

Nico said...

I think the tough glare is just a way to personify Prada's fierce chic. Models have to sell the looks so they have to be all mean and gritty.

But I read that Chanel's Spring 2010 models wore smiles. That's a huge change.

Farah said...

Haha I agree with Manju! I mean whats with all the glaring are they afraid they're gona wrinkle or sumthing? I think a smirk would suit better. It's more "I am better/hotter/richer/gorgeous than you" attitude!

Abby Kihano said...

nico ! where do you get all these infos?! lol. mentor me! pwaahhahaha

nicola ticola ponders said...

What an incredible collection...loved your review

nicola xx