Monday, October 5, 2009

Update of the Moment: Interview Time

My wardrobe...sans the jacket

I know some of you can't wait to hear (or read) what happened to my interview. But before storytelling, I absolutely want to thank Manju, Trish and Jessica for giving me tips on my interview wardrobe. I followed your advice and put together a stylish but not too absurd ensemble: a basic white shirt (I didn't notice the shirt was a bit sheer until it was too late! I hope they didn't see too much of me), a classic black tie (because it was highly recommended), my favorite black skinny jeans (they aren't too rock 'n roll skinny), and--the best part--my gray wingtips! I have to say that I never felt so shabam my whole life. Plus, I stayed conservative with my color palette. No gigawatt orange this time.

Onwards to the story. Frankly, I was very stressed. Not only was I worried because I left home late, but there was traffic! I loathe L.A. traffic especially when I desperately need it to work with me. Fortunately, I live relatively close to the venue, 8th Street, and since downtown is always traffic this is a huge thank you to God!
I reached the location on time and ran swiftly to the office. But before the interview, the receptionist told me to jot down my personal info. Afterwards, she took a picture of me. That was weird especially when the info sheet labeled scholarship recipients as models. I don't know if this organization (a labor union) is trying to put some pretty face forward, but I'll do whatever they want me to do. I'll ride a horse and hula-hoop simultaneously if I had to.

Anyway, there was a panel of "judges" in the interview room. They were representatives from colleges and the union itself. All they wanted to hear was about my life, and how deserving I am of this scholarship. Also, they asked me questions of where I see myself in five years. My answer: in New York working for a marketing/advertising firm, or just be a journalist. In addition, they asked about my hobbies. I couldn't help but mention blogging which is a huge portion of my life (sounds like I don't have a life, huh?). And reading magazines like V, V Man, and Vogue (I forgot 10 Men!). I hope they see the connection:

blogging + magazines + my awesome wardrobe = J'adore la mode!

Or maybe they got the wrong impression that I'm some boring guy in a business major who doesn't have a life and simply wants to earn big bucks. That just sent shivers down my spine.

Right now, I have my fingers crossed. I'm praying that this is God's will. Also, I thank Him for giving me this opportunity. It's not everyday that I get a chance like this. Of all the hundred thousand entries sent, mine was chosen. What're the odds of that happening?


Manju said...

crossing my fingers for u as well ^^

lmao! can you really ride a horse and hula-hoop simultaneously??

And I have one things to say Nico - Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trish said...

i hope you get it nico!!! =]

nicola ticola ponders said...

one in a hundred thousand eh?! Wow! Well done and best of luck, hope you get it.

Thanks for your nice words :-)

nicola xx

Nico said...

Thanks for the support, everyone! Manju, I wish I took a picture but my sister has my camera. I don't even know where it is right now (bad owner!)

nicola ticola ponders said...

Thanks! Ahh I LOVE sewing, I did fashion design and production at uni so I did a ridiculous amount of sewing in those few years. It's all about practice practice practice!

nicola xx

Jessica said...

Oh my god, I'm so sorry to reply this late! But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too! Seems to me your interview went really well! We just gotta wait for the final verdict. Please, please, let Nico have it! :)

And hey, you should see the traffic here in Manila before you even complain about what you have there. Your roads are way wider than ours here, which is why they're congested as hell especially in rush hours. Grrr!


All the best Nico!
we are all your cheerleaders of some sort LOL!!

Abby Kihano said...

<3 thanks for the comment!

yep ! free the robot was at the music festival. too bad we missed them! yeah, i think one of them is filipino. i'm not even sure anymore! LOL!


Farah said...

Hello there! Keeping my fingers crossed for you as well. And I'm sure you looked great...can't go wrong with a classic look ;)

thanks for the comments on my blog. the sunnies are about 130USD a pop! gah...too expensive for me! and yeap you're spot on, that is the same guy from Lady Gaga's Papparazzi. Watch true blood! it's def worth it! ngehehehehehehe!! XD