Monday, October 19, 2009

News of the Moment: Knits and Bolts

Hinted by The Wall Street Journal, clothing retailer H&M will be tapping French designer Sonia Rykiel (pictured) for its Winter 2010 collection.

Also known as the Queen of Knits, Rykiel will be collaborating on knitwear that will be suitable for the dark and chilly nights of winter. For variety, there will also be a Sonia Rykiel for H&M lingerie collection. Assuming H&M is ready to deliver on Spring-Summer 2010's undiepants trend, I would think that the lingerie line is a huge push for consumers to, maybe, consider wearing undies as a stand alone piece.

Moreover, this collaboration will be a huge revenue-maker for H&M. The Wall Street article pointed that September sales for the fast-fashion retailer dropped 8%. Blaming an unusually warm September, H&M hopes that when the mercury drops further sales of their staple coats and jackets should be on the upswing. They are also betting that the Jimmy Choo and Sonia Rykiel collaborations will further their sales predictions.

Unfortunately, according to H&M's press release there is no mention of a men's collection. So ladies, prepare for the big day. H&M reports that the lingerie line will debut on December 5, 2009 while the knitwear is slated for release on February 20, 2010.


Trish said...

undiepants? its quite odd, when driving through downtown LA, i saw this huge woman just wearing underwear, she must have had one hell of a night!!!! or she must be mentally ill o_o

& knitted stuff doesnt usually look good on me, boo!!!

Abby Kihano said...

man nico, you got me into h&m! but i don't regret it! it's an awesome store like forever 21 :]

Nico said...

OMG, Trish, there it is! It's already starting: the undies-only trend, I mean. LA may not be fashion capital of the world (thank you NY, Milan and Paris for stealing the spotlight), but it does set trends. LOL.

Manju said...

we don't have h&m over here. Boo! :(

Farah said...'re it! ;)

Nico said...

No H&M, what!!!! Manju, I think it's a sign for you to come here! H&M here we come.