Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hilarity of the Moment: Wintour in PCD Show? Don't Think So

Hot flashes: Pussycat Dolls (top) and Anna Wintour

André Leon Talley doesn't look very happy or comfortable....That's because he's at L.A Fashion Week, can't leave until tomorrow, is probably sweating his ass off in that crocodile coat he's got on, and must endure it all without his boss and BFF Anna Wintour, who presumably sent him. She's obviously not there because it's L.A. Fashion Week (whatever THAT is), the highlights of which include The Hills' Lauren Conrad's show, which was today, and the Pussycat Dolls' show of their new lingerie line on Thursday. Could you imagine La Wintour in L.A? At a Pussycat Dolls show? Pale and bling-less? Loosening up her buttons, babe? Wearing her sunglasses because she actually needs them?

-"André Leon Talley Does L.A. Fashion Week and Isn't Happy About It," New York Magazine's The Cut

This article from New York Magazine just made me laugh. For those who don't know, L.A. Fashion Week (now marketed as L.A. Fashion Month) started a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, this local fashion event gets eclipsed by the Big Three shows of New York, Milan, and Paris.

It just so happens that Vogue editor-at-large, André Leon Talley, went to the shows. Being the good American that he is, Talley attended for the sake of publicity--to put a little bright light to deserving talents of dear Los Angeles. But as New York Magazine reported, he wasn't very pleased with what he saw. I'm not sure what sort of "disappointments" were thrown at him during the week, but clearly New York's shows were his cup of tea.

But I'm more interested in how Anna Wintour, Vogue's editrix-in-chief, would have handled the situation. Maybe her signature pursing of the lips here, and probably schlumpy looks there. Even more curious, I'd love to see her in the Pussycat Dolls' show. Whoa there hot mama!


Trish said...

pussycat dolls on the runway? weird i wanna see that, ive always wanted to go to the LA fashion week & go celebrity gazing ahahahaha, but yea Paris is where its at!!

Jessica said...

Omigosh, Nicole is oozing hot. She's just so sexy!

Anyway, can I just say how much I hate Lauren Conrad? Even if her clothes are nice and expensive, she's still a big, fat BLAH. I prefer Audrina over her. Geez, I wonder why people are so into LC.

Anyway, we will go to LA fashion week one day, yeah?

Manju said...

The thought of La Wintour in a PCD show is terribly funny xD
I heart Nicole! she inspires me to work out.

awww if u had that cloak you'd raid H&M and YSL for me ^^ that's the sweetest thing ever!!!!! let's take on Balmain as well okay? ;)

And Nico my boy, yes yes we should exchange les cartes postales :D let's swap addresses whenever you want to do that, yes!?

regarding mr. Butler, whatever role he's doing I think Mr. butler should just do it with his shirt off please haha

Farah said...

PCD and lingerie line? well...that does sound right. If they had an actual clothing line I would be so afraid of how it would turn out. sexy french maid much? *eye roll*

Nico said...

The thing with LAFW is that there aren't alot of people who flock there. Maybe some Hollywood celebs and editors and buyers. I wish they'd make it public and lower the tix prices. :(

But someday folks, we shall attend.

LOL to Farah and Jessica.

Mode Junkie said...

omg, you are hilarious. thanks for the laugh.

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