Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fun of the Moment: Music and Lyrics

Abby and I on the Leeds bench

Looking at posts from Trish and Abby, I think a bunch of people already know about Eagle Rock's annual Music Fest. I went to the community event on Saturday, and I have to say that I had a blast. I wasn't supposed to go because my mom said No, but I kept pushing it. After all, that's the only time of year when I see my high school friends! I simply cannot let that pass.

Well, my mom's argument took up most of the time that when my dad said Yes (what a relief), I had to make a quick change. I hurriedly grabbed my jeans and put on an oversized shirt and jacket. I was so much in a hurry that I put on my wingtips without socks! Bad idea.

As soon as I reached Eagle Rock (after a rocky 2 hours on mass transit), my feet hurt. Walking around Colorado Blvd. with scratches all over my feet was the most painful experience. But the agony subsided after meeting with my pals, Abby and Julien. Plus, giving free hugs made it all better.
Did I mention that I got hit on? But why does it have to be a guy! At first, he asked for my cellphone. Then, he started introducing himself and asking questions about myself. Anyway, the ironic part is he was my gal pal's ex!

All's well that ends well. Not really. He left grease all over my cellphone. That bastard.


Trish said...

ahahah wow nico youre getting hit onnnnnn by GUYS XD!!!! im glad id idnt get hit on that day XD w00t for you!

Jessica said...

Exactly like I told Trish, I envy you guys cos you could meet up anytime you want. You just don't see each other on Blogger, but in person as well. That's just so fun!

Anyway, you got hit on by a guy? Good thing he didn't freak you out?

Abby Kihano said...

LOL! was that the surprise blog? that... you got hit on? oh boy, that's terrible. you should've been like no thanks i have a gf! ABBY! LOL! i used you as my back up bf! HAHAHA! only in REALLY DESPERATE times though... like when albert liked me. LOL!

anyway, i'm so glad you had fun! cuz i did too! WOOT WOOT! next time we'll do it again and have MORE FUN! ER OH ER!

i can't believe your mom said no at first! did you parents argue in the end though? cuz your dad said yes?

Nico said...

I wish I knew what was happening, Abby. You know me, I'm always clueless whether who's hitting on me and who's not. My cousin had to tell me what's happening! LOL. I'm so unexperienced.

But if ever that happens, I'll say I'm with ya! ;D

Farah said... got hit on! LOL! it's okay, I'm sure the next time a pretty girl will be the one manhandling your cellphone! ;)

Manju said...

I'm jealous coz you, Abby and Trish actually get to meet in real life *sulking*

For some reason it really cracks me up when gay people hit on straight people. Their reactions are priceless xD ahahaha

lol we must have some ESP going on!
mine's a simple out-of-the-box cake ;P I like quick-fixes ^^. I only bake 'real' cakes if it's for some about yours?

Jessica said...

Nico, you got facebook? Add me, I'm Abby's contact. Actually, I have plans yeah. But I don't want to talk about it YET, since I don't want to spoil it. But, once things are finalized I will definitely let you know. Take me to the kick-ass places in LA, "You'll be my American boy..American boy" Hahaha..

Jessica said...

Sorry for flooding your page with my silliness, I can't help it I'm too excited. DO you still speak in Filipino? And hey, I want to watch a lakers game at the Staples Center..I'm a big, HUGE fan! Join me! :P