Monday, October 12, 2009

Shame of the Moment: Blame It on the LCD

Today, I started people watching in the Orange Line. Since it's such a long ride to school I decided I might as well have some fun along the way. Plus, people watching never hurt anyone!

There was this guy who was sitting across me. He looked normal so I wasn't suspicious or anything. But I realized that I couldn't help but stare at his new (well, it looked new to me) Sidekick. I just adored how the screen glowed so beautifully. And he was fidgeting with the pivot screen so I had more reason to look at it.

Little did I know that everytime I looked at his super cool mobile, it appears as though I was looking at his crotch! Boy, was I embarassed.

I think he knew what I was doing since he made his phone play much, much longer. At this time, I started staring at something else. Damage control mode!

On a lighter, not-so-embarassing note, Abby introduced me to this new artist, Sam Sparro. I swear, she is in love with this dude (sadly, he is not into gals). Go check out his music!


nicola ticola ponders said...

Oh are you kidding me, I am the ultimate procrastinator! I go through phases of motivation interspersed with procrastinating! But I justify it to myself by making it up in the times when I do work my ass of!

nicola xx

Abby Kihano said...

hahaha yep! blame it on the screen! i bet he felt so awkward with you hahaha but it's okay, you're not gonna see him anymore .

unless he's a regular passenger of the red line ! then that's another story!

thank nico for the comment ! and for blogging about sam sparro! someday i'm gonna marry him! LOL! jk jk .

Trish said...

hahaha awwww poor nico! its all good since abby is right, you're never gonna see him anymore!!!!

i recently saw one of these new sidekicks, i cant believe how different they look from the very first ones! i remember playing with the 2nd gen sidekicks, times have changed!

Manju said...

LMAO!he must have been so weirded out ahaahaahha

Farah said...

LOL...but I LOVE people watching. especially if you are sitting with the right group of friends. ;)

Jessica said... should have said: "For the record: I am interested in what your playing, not in your crotch!" Haha..

Abby and Sam Sparro. She actually even left me a wall message on facebook, professing her love for the guy/gay? Abby's in love...only it's with a wrong person. Well, gender-wise! :)

Nico said...

Yeah, Farah, people watching is more fun with friends. Unfortunately, none of my HS pals go to my university! And Jessica, I should've said that! But I'm too "busy" trying to mind my own business. XP