Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tag of the Moment: Kreativ Blogger

Thanks to Farah from Ramblings of an Inane Mind for awarding me this tag! I do appreciate this and I do hope that my blog exudes all the kreativness of an idea-laden mind.

According to the rules of the tag, I must tell seven things you (my readers) don't know about me. So here goes:

1. I was never fond of fashion because I thought it's stupid. Yes, this is true! The first time I got fashionably inspired was when I saw Prada's Fall-Winter 2007 ad below. I've been a huge fan of Miuccia Prada and anything ombre (gradient effect from one color to another like the shoes below) ever since.

2. I get an unhealthy impulse to buy things after reading magazines. I was reading Vogue Hommes International a week ago and right after reading, I became so obsessed with buying the goggle jacket from C.P. Company. More on that later.

3. I absolutely hate my geography class. It's boring, draggy, and absolutely useless in my case. I love earth and nature but when all I'm learning is common sense, then I'd rather learn it myself.

4. I get annoyed when people in the bus switch seats so many times. One to two seat changes are enough. Any more and I'd think you're spreading some disease.

5. I talked to my accounting professor in his office one time, and I admit that he's a really cool guy! I believe the last time he was a student was 50 years ago.

6. I always imagined that a random lady would throw her supersized (put IT bag name here) at me, and never want it back. Then again, some ladies love their pricey purses more than their men.

7. I was looking back at my childhood while watching Goosebumps and The Nanny. I didn't watch Nanny when I was younger because that oh so precious TV time was saved for Power Rangers!

I hope you guys enjoyed that last bit. Honestly, watching old shows bring back memories. So what have you been watching that's circa 1990-1999?


Abby Kihano said...

LOL! i've been trying to trace back to when you actually got interested in fashion! i was thinking about ... well cuz when you used to go to the library after school you would always have some car magazine with you or technology... i dunno... and you're follow fashion as if you just got converted to it. perhaps it's a religion for you. hehehhehe. jkjk. and ugh... at the moment... i hate socio... i think you know why.

Jessica said...

So you're a fashion convert huh? Well, you should be the next Marc Jacobs. I wonder what your designs would be like.

And yey to THE NANNY! One of my favest shows ever. How I adore her clothes. When I was little, I didn't really understand what the story was about. All I knew then was that she was a fashionable nanny. I'd tune in because of her clothes and how they fit her perfectly. And hey, her laugh is infectious! Haha.


Hi, hope you have had a nice weekend! Thanks for the comment, there Rodarte and Sonia Rykiel on my blog... ;)

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Gemma Louise said...

oh, you was never a fan of fashion! oh dear. i'm glad you've see the light now and shoes is a very good place to start! :) x

Manju said...

Goosebumps and power rangers! ahaha so old school xD
i used to be so addicted to those shows


New posts wantedddd ;)

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Trish said...

haha remember high school days & how we dressed? totally different from what we wear these days!!

& the nanny i would still watch every night when i catch it on, other than that i dont think i watch anything from the 90's even tho i would like to, but theyre not on air anymore, boo!!! i do watch i love lucy, bewitched & i dream of jeannie (sp) when its on tv ^_^

Farah said...

OMG I love watching The Nanny! The '90's sense of humour really gets to me. And also I am always reminded of the time when life that simple. Power Rangers ROCKS!!! ;)