Monday, October 12, 2009

Highlight of the Moment: Alexander McQueen's Evolution

Paris is finally regaining its title as fashion capital. Since the recession is forcing designers to opt for wearability and accessibility, some spring runway collections are borderline pedestrian. Paris Fashion Week, fortunately, begged to differ on what New York, London and Milan offered. For Spring 2010, the unusual fashion influences get the green light. Barn nobility in Chanel (I don't even know if country people wear pricey Chanel in their barns), boudoir wear in Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier (no longer unmentionables are they), and the fragile economy in Viktor & Rolf's zigzagging cutouts (the good news is Dow Jones broke the 10000 barrier).

But the icing on the g√Ęteau is Alexander McQueen's "Plato's Atlantis." It featured a plethora of motifs from biological evolution and technology to theatrical high fashion.

McQueen's show opened with a stark film akin to Hollywood suspense (and "Snakes on a Plane"), then proceeded to rotating robot arms with mounted cameras gracing the runway. And that's just the prelude. As the first model appeared, dresses that resemble prehistoric animal shells pranced down the path. Reptilian prints ranging from the existing to the extinct reigned supreme. And for added basic survival instinct, hooved platforms in the richest materials were worn.

Furthermore, there was a transition to aquatic life that suggests a return to origins. Charles Darwin did hypothesize that mammals spawned from underwater creatures. By putting jellyfish silhouettes over dresses and footwear closely mimicking the majestic corals, McQueen set the mood for a maritime getaway. (WSJ; LA Times)

Under where? Looks from Alexander Wang, Prada, and Duckie Brown

With increased efforts to put on a show, I think there is added interest in being fashion forward. Runway shows, after all, is where designers put their craft on display. But as anything nowadays, creativity is compromised for profit. Nonetheless, the Paris collections--McQueen's especially--are a breath of fresh air. For someone tired of seeing pantsless models, this is a huge leap for the imagination.


Abby Kihano said...

im not so such about the underwear stuff. i've never even seem people walk around in those. tell me, who wears these stuff? or are they simply for recognition for wearable abstract? i question these attires sometimes O_o tell me your thoughts about this. hehehhe

anyway it's pretty cool and far from the ordinary.

Trish said...

ive always wondered about these clothes on the runway, i never really see those clothes being worn by people! where do they go!? or are they simply a taste of whats the line is gonna give us??

Manju said...

oohh hey that's my fave-of-the-moment pigtails-and-red-lippie look ^^

pantsless fashion is just for the likes of Lady Gaga *eye-roll*

Lmao at the 'barn nobility' stuff. I don't have a lot of patience with Chanel atm coz Karl Lagerfield just pissed me off with the usual crap he talks. the only thing i liked about it was that the models were smiling for once

and the Alexander McQueen's show was awesome, loved it! :D

Manju said...

to answer your questions,... i have no idea how i did that Lol

but i think i need one of those mobiles too, that'll maybe get me to talk less and cut down my phone bill hahaha

lol, no i'm not african, i'm mauritian haha
we're near the african continent, not part of it haha

i was just telling Trish about this.

see, the country was populated by our ancestors centuries ago and they came from uk, france, india, china and africa. Mine came from India. so we're all descendants over here. we have our specific ethnicites, but our distincly shared 'mauritian' traits as well.

Nico said...

Abby, I'm not sure if this look is gonna gain steam in Spring. Too much work involved for the average consumer. Are you comfortable wearing undies when you're miles and miles away from the beach? Maybe not. Plus people are going to look at you like you're some perv, giving men a little (or alot) peekaboo down under.

You're definitely right Manju: underwear-only is Lady Gaga's territory. Also, thanks for the clarification and a little history on Mauritius. Isn't it called Maurice in French?

Oh Trish, runways are just for "publicity and marketing". They are there to promote what's new with the designer. Roughly 20% of what's shown in the runways actually go to the stores. And as you can see in the vid, I don't think the average gal would wear that on the street (or even afford it!). A bulk of what people buy in boutiques are the Pre-Fall/Spring collections--they're the more wearable ones. No craziness involved.

Trish said...

my friend is named mauricio...haha idk just something random & funny