Thursday, May 28, 2009

Activity of the Moment: Volunteering!

I finally decided to do something productive for the rest of my summer. Yeah, I know you'll miss me from updating my blogs, and telling what's in and out of my own little world. But I have made my decision to volunteer.

No, it doesn't mean I'm a member of freaking Circle K or their ilk. In fact, I am doing independent volunteering at my church! Yey, that means more time away from home and less time wasting away in front of my computer. You have no idea how damaging that is to your brain cells. Or is it?

Anyway, the irony is that I'm in front of a computer here at church. So, I guess old habits die hard! Really hard. I'm gonna need alot of prayer for that.


Abby Quijano said...

thats cute! i say you volunteer! you're a good boy!

Nico said...

AWWWW. Thanks.

Trish said...

aw haha youre such a goody goody! even if im not on the comp im on my phone, technology comes with me everywhere i go haha!!