Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memory of the Moment: Memorial Day

So yesterday was Memorial Day and to tell you the truth, I had fun. My family didn't have a gathering that involved gajillion relatives. My dad's old friends from his old job did come over though.

So yeah, they had fun. I had fun. Everyone had fun. However, I did have to recover from my partying ways. Check out my itinerary yesterday:

9 AM: Wake up and eat breakfast.
10 AM: Clean up the yard; pluck stupid weeds.
12 PM: Take a shower and clean hands from the nasty dirt!
12:30 PM: The guests arrive; they eat, I watch TV.
12:45 PM: Time for me to eat.
1 PM: I eat some more.
2 PM: I eat a little bit.
3 PM: I had to eat some more.
4 PM: Dessert's here! I eat it.
5 PM: Eat some more; I feel bloated. And a little dizzy.
6 PM: I definitely had to eat to drown out my dad's karaoke voice.
7 PM: Dinner! Eating time, again.
8 PM: The last guest leaves; we actually had to take him home.
9:59 PM: We get to his house; offers us food. I decline.
10:30 PM: Back at home; clean up time, no more eating for me!

11 PM: The other clean up happens. LOL.


Trish said...

wow nico you ate alot =]

Nico said...

Yeah, yesterday was my day to indulge in all the food. LOL.

Trish said...

hahahaha sounds good!