Friday, May 15, 2009

Recyclable of the Moment: Plastic!

Did you know that plastic is made out of petroleum? And did you know that plastic degrades very slowly? That's why there's a whole legion of people who want to tax plastic or eliminate them entirely.

And yet people still use them as trash bags, shopping bags, etc. But who knew they can be remade to resemble something...not trashy?

Interestingly enough, Marni created some eclectic bijoux for summer. They are not made of platinum or gilded in gold. Instead they are made from the very thing we put in the trash bin: plastic!

So this summer, stay cool and stow away the obvious bling. Opt for something synthetic, yet alluringly eco-chic. Long live Earth!

Petal acrylic necklace $650, multi petal cuff $505; both by Marni at

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Abby Quijano said...

hmm... that's pretty awesome! I'm beginning to appreciate your blog. i take back what said on your latest blog. you keep me in check with current events and the most random stuff!