Monday, May 11, 2009

Lust of the Moment: Raf Simons Show Sandals

Holy, muthafreakin' hot potato on gravy! I never drooled this much over an item (or a person for that matter), but hell, this is worth drooling for. Call me crazy or materialistic, but I freaking want this! I think it's the recession giving me a little turn-on. OK that was just weird.

Anyway, a little reason why I'm on the verge of robbing a bank this moment is because this footwear is from Raf Simons' Spring-Summer 09 show. The guy is, like, the future of menswear; he gives us a reason to spend money on trivial stuff just like women would spend oodles just to get their Jimmy Choos! Not good enough of a reason? Check it out for yourself at Oki-Ni now!

And if you are convinced, go buy! Make sure you know the exchange rate between Brit pounds and U.S. dollars as their prices are in pounds.

Sandals, £479 at


Trish said...

nico, those are the weirdest man sandals i have seen, its like theyre from the future!!

Nico said...

Yeah, that's why they're so cool! I don't know if Captain Kirk would wear those, but if I was in the Enterprise and the thermostat is broken, I would wear them!

Abby Quijano said...

nico... i love you and eveyrthing but i think im gonna have to agree with trish on this one..