Thursday, May 21, 2009

Promotion of the Moment: It's a SALE!

Designer junkies everywhere, rejoice! Well,
female designer junkies, that is. The economic recession may be putting a wrinkle on your frowny face already, but this is no time to fret. Put on your happy face and go online right this minute!

There's a new website where you can get your little splurge without the disgrace of going penniless by the end of the day. Go visit; yeah, it kinda sounds like a gay porn site, but trust me, it ain't. is the sister site of They both sell designer labels, but the former slashes the price up to 80 freaking percent!

But if you want to pay for slightly discounted items, then Net-a-Porter is still the address to go.

But heck, who wants to pay that much, when you could get it for a fraction? So buy that IT bag you've been eyeing for so long! It's well worth your day.

Heloise tote by ChloƩ, $1296;
B bag by Fendi, $1116; both at

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